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January 23, 2020

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Starting a blog is such an exciting experience. Most people jump right in and start and slowly start to realize that there’s so much more involved as you progress. On the other hand, there are people who obsess about starting a blog and put too much research into it. Eventually, they give up without even starting.

There are two things you need to consider when starting your blog. Do you want to write for fun and enjoy the process without any other agendas? Or, do you want to start a blog and progress to build it into something you will eventually earn from long term? These are two separate entities and they require different methods of approach.

Let’s say, you are interested in just blogging for fun. This is easy. The best option here without breaking the bank is to start on blogger by google. Choose the template you want or download free templates and carry on with your blogging. Enjoy the process and see where it takes you.

On the other side of the coin, are the people who want to eventually make this a viable option to get paid from blogging. This requires more work and people usually research this option so much resulting in them getting intimated by the vast information out there. My advice is, keep it simple. You won’t make much in the first year or two blogging. This isn’t a quit your day job and make money to supplement your lifestyle instantly method.

Keep it simple. Start with an idea. What will you blog about? How crowded is the niche? Do you have valuable information that is different from others? Can you churn out at least two blog post a week easily from the content you have? If you feel like you have it all and you can blog each day about something people will find valuable, then go ahead and start a WordPress account, host your site and start from there. Most people, will need to start slower and build their blogs and find their way around. I started with Blogger, I still use blogger and I’m pretty happy at the rate I’m growing at. The best advice I can give you here is, start simple, start with blogger. The most important thing is to start. I initially had two blogs and over the year, I realized that I wanted to just do a travel blog. I shut down the other blog and just concentrated on one site. When I’m asked why I don’t use WordPress, my answer is that I don’t quite feel like I’m ready for it. I have my own theme on blogger and I’ve purchased my own domain name. Its easy to use. I’m happy with it. I have Google AdSense on it. Its good where its at, at the moment. I might progress in time, once I’m ready to take on more. As I’m also a photographer, I feel like having a simple blog to showcase my work as well as enjoying writing my content is the most important thing for me now.

The best way to blog is to enjoy what you’re doing initially without worrying about monetizing, ranking the top of google or even pushing to get your blog out there. The most important thing is to start your blog, write quality content and enjoy the process. Also, give yourself a reasonable time to progress.

So, let’s say, you’ve started your blog. How do you go beyond this? You’ll need to get word out there on what you’re blogging about and driving traffic to your site. Pinterest is a great way to start here. The community is huge, there are group boards to join and it’s a fun process to get your blog out. Canva is a simple site to start on to get your pins generated. Beyond using Canva and Pinterest, Twitter is also a good way to advertise your blog. There are communities on Twitter specifically for bloggers. The community is very helpful and involved. Using Facebook groups is another way to be a part of a blogger community. The groups here are very informational. They share a lot of information and are very ready to help new beginners in the process. There are some very varied groups as well as specific groups out there on Twitter and Facebook. Alternatively, Instagram is also something to look into. If you are a travel blogger, then Instagram will be your bible. Learn some simple photography skills and you’re ready to take on Instagram. Its probably the best application to be a part of for travel and lifestyle bloggers. Always remember, on social media, the best way to grow is to interact with people. The more work you produce, the more people will connect with you and your blog.

Lastly, marketing your blog via certain affiliate sites is something you’ll eventually get into. I generally stick to Amazon Affiliate and have been happy with it. There are various sites out there that you can sign with to help monetize your site. Amazon affiliates is a great tool for food bloggers as well as people who do reviews of products. Lastly, Google AdSense is something most people will initially try to get approval for before they realize that it pays almost nothing initially. This will lead to the need to branch out to affiliate marketing. Applying for Google AdSense, based on my experience can be rather painful. It took me three tries before I got approved. So, my advice is, to be patient. Getting approved will require you to be producing authentic quality blog posts. If you are copying anything from net, learn to paraphrase the information you require. Whatever you do, don’t copy someone else’s work. You wont get approved for AdSense. You’ll also need to have at least 50 to 100 daily visitors on your site before you get approval. Therefore, it’ll be best to apply for AdSense after you have connected with groups on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to push your blog views up before you start applying for AdSense.

Lastly, the more you post, the more you interact with communities, the faster you get word out there on your blog. Leaving a blog stagnant for a period of time will result in your traffic diminishing. My general advice to people is, if you have a niche you want to write about, ask yourself if you can produce at least two post a week for a year. If you are able to do so, you’ll be moving forward pretty quick.

For beginner photographers who are looking at going into stock photography as well as hopefully selling their photos on their sites, blogging is a great tool to look at. I travel quite a bit and I put my photos on micro stock sites like Shutterstock, Adobe stock and Alamy. I link my blog to the sites and in that way, I’m able to get a reasonable amount of downloads on stock sites per month. I’ll eventually sell my own prints or photos on my website in time to come. Blogging and photography work well hand in hand.

As I leave you on this note. I reiterate, the best way to start blogging, is to start. Learn along the way. Enjoy the process. Whatever you do, just start. Don’t worry about switching platforms from Blogger to WordPress and all that. Start small, start simple but just start.

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