Tibetan Colony in Delhi: Majnu ka Tilla

December 26, 2019

people sitting mingling Buddhist temple majnu ka tilla new aruna colony delhi india

The Tibetan Colony at Majnu Ka Tilla is one of the hidden gems in Delhi. A relatively small place filled with Tibetans, monks, happy dogs and great restaurants, it is worth a visit to pop in and see a part of Delhi that doesn’t quite feel like Delhi. If you're interested in seeing what Delhi can offer off the beaten track, then this place has to be on your list.

majnu ka tilla new aruna colonysign gate delhi india The best way to get here is by Delhi metro on the yellow line to the station called Vishwavidyalaya. From the metro station, take an auto to the Tibetan refugee colony at Majnu Ka Tilla. The area also goes by the name of New Aruna Colony.

As you enter the main gates, the narrow lane will open up to a temple in the main square. Here, you'll find people sitting and eating, small vegetable sellers in the square and people heading into and out of the temple. The area can get crowded during the weekends. It also gets relatively busy around lunch times on weekdays. The pace here, unlikely the main city, is rather slow moving and very calm.

If you’re craving for authentic Tibetan food, this place is a great place to have it. In the main square, in front of the Buddha temple, you'll find a street seller who serves authentic Tibetan Laphing. This dish consists of flat noodles made of mung beans, potato starch and ghee filled soy chucks accompanied with spicy and masala sauce.

people sitting street seller selling Laphing Buddhist temple majnu ka tilla new aruna colony delhi india
Street seller selling Laphing
Restaurants that you can try in the area which have pretty decent Tibetan food are Dekhang Café and restaurant, Tara restaurant, Dolma House, Tee Dee and Ama Café to name a few.

people walking tee dee restaurant sign majnu ka tilla new aruna colony delhi india Shopping here is as varied as possible. You’ll get almost anything here. There are shops that sell prayer beads, incense sticks, singing bowls, statues and jewelry. You'll find shops that sells the latest sneakers and fashion items as well. If you’re in the area, pick up some pink Himalayan salt and essential oils as well. You’ll get salt lamps and wooden bowls for the home. There are places that sell Tibetan art items. One of the places to check out is Norling Gallery, located below Tee Dee restaurant, which will sell anything related to Tibetan culture.

prayer flags and shops at majnu ka tilla new aruna colony delhi india Towards the back of the colony, there are shops where you can buy clothes, winter jackets and just about anything else. There is a mini market like area that will sell you prayer beads in bundles as well as silver jewelry. Fancy some karaoke? You’ll get karaoke bars here as well. They are doted around the area as you walk through the alley.

Ultimately, being here will feel like you’ve been transported out of Delhi into mini Tibet. If you’ve ever been to Dharamshala, this place will remind you of it.

If you’re trying to find a place in Delhi that feels like its outside the normal touristy track, then a trip to the Tibetan Colony Majnu Ka Tilla is well worth it. Plan a 3-hour trip here to have lunch and some shopping. You won’t regret it.

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