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December 26, 2019

camera shopping equipment photo market old delhi chandni chowk india

When I first moved to Delhi after being in Singapore, sourcing places to get my photography gear was always a problem. Camera Shopping in Delhi was proving to be a tough feat after the convenience of being in Singapore. Firstly, the distances you need to cover in Delhi is mind boggling. Add traffic to that and you’ll quickly find that you need to find a place that has everything you need in one location. I had gotten used to Singapore and the ability to get anything and everything you want in one place. Delhi was proving a bit tougher as things were always available in one store but not the other. To matters worse, the stores would be spaced apart in opposite locations which meant I’d be driving for an hour in traffic to get to stores.

camera shopping equipment photo market old delhi chandni chowk india
I initially started heading out to old Delhi as people kept recommending me to get my stuff from the Camera market in Chandni Chowk also known as Kucha Choudhary Market. When I initially stepped into the lane, I felt overwhelmed. There’s a huge variety of items and gadgets you can get here. Couple this with a tiny lane and someone screaming for you to move as they lug their cargo past you, proved too much to handle. At one point, I had a near miss blow to the head as someone was rushing past me with a box.

The positive about the market is that there is a huge store at the end of the lane where the lane opens up called Delhi Photo Store, which proved to be a great place to source my lighting needs. They had simple lighting stands and whatever you might need to get your lighting stuff done. Their stuff is pretty reasonably priced and suited for those on the lower to mid range budgets.

delhi photo store camera shopping equipment photo market old delhi chandni chowk india
Delhi Photo Store at Photo Market
The other gem I came across is Madan Jee & Co at Chandni Chowk. Located right on the main road, this one is pretty famous is the area. They’ve been around since 1955. The guys who own this place are very helpful. They have competitive prices and will be able to source what you need if you have requirements for items they don’t have. They mostly deal with cash though so come prepared. They stock almost anything here to do with modern photography. They also do repair work on cameras.

camera shopping equipment photo market old delhi chandni chowk india
Madan Jee & Co on the main road at Chandni Chowk
This is the only store I’d shop at in Chandni Chowk as I’ve not had issues with any item they have recommended. The owners will give you sound advice on anything. They speak English and their prices are quite reasonable.

The only other store I shop at in Delhi is Future forward at Lajpat Nagar. They have an online presence but you’d get better rates in person. Alternatively, you’ll also get better rates if you called them directly for items and pay via net banking for anything you need to get delivered throughout India.  They stock everything from tripods, bags, lenses, cameras and accessories. They also have an option to rent gear.

I can’t talk about camera shopping in Delhi without mentioning Sonia Photo World. I own their studio lights. I own a C stand for my food photography set up as well as a continuous light that I use as part of my product photography set up. These people provide basic equipment at a fraction of the cost. They are a “made in India” company. Their equipment are no nonsense, basic and work well at a great price point. They come up with new lighting equipment every couple of months. The guys at the warehouse are friendly and will show you how to use the products if you turn up at their location and ask them to. They also have a you tube channel called Sonia Photo World. They are contactable whenever you need any help. Definitely a company to watch in the coming years.

While camera shopping in Delhi proved to be a tough feat initially, I have found that the sales people as well as the camera store owners here in Delhi have been pretty trustworthy. They are always ready to help you out and provide advice wherever needed. It has come to a point where I do not miss shopping in Singapore.

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