Tijara Fort Palace: Heritage Hotel in Rajasthan

August 26, 2019

I have a love affair with Neemrana Heritage properties in Rajasthan. Ever since I first laid eyes on Neemrana Fort Palace, I haven't been able to get enough of their forts and palaces. When we decided to head to Tijara Fort Palace, I didn't expect to be surprised but I was. Tijara Fort Palace, is a huge property. It is spread out in 3 different buildings over a vast amount of space and the entire landscape is beautifully done. Our last Neemrana property, Kesroli Hill Fort, was a fifth of the size of Tijara Fort Palace.

Aerial View with terraced gardens of tijara fort palace heritage hotel alwar rajasthan india
Tijara Fort Palace Aerial View
Tijara fort was initially constructed by Alwar's Maharaja Balwant Singh in 1835. There are 3 palaces in the compound: Mardana, Rani and Hawa Mahals. The rooms in Mardana Mahal are smaller and further placed in the compound requiring a bit of a walk. The plus side to this palace is that it has a large garden in the middle of the compound and beautifully decorated sitting areas. Rani and Hawa Mahal are placed closer to the restaurant as well as the swimming pool. Rani Mahal is ideal for larger families and it has a quaint courtyard filled with trees in the middle.

courtyard rani mahal at tijara fort palace alwar rajasthan india
Courtyard at Rani Mahal
Expect to find no television in the room. You won't need one anyways as you'll be out enjoying the outdoors. The rooms are well furnished with antique style furniture. The beds are super comfortable. The rooms are individually decorated and named after the painters, designers and aesthetes who have helped create them. 

Expect to head out exploring while visiting this property. Like the Neemrana Fort Palace, it is an adventurer's delight. Expect to see high ceilings, arches and pillars, seating areas that are vast and adorned with historical artifacts and views to die for when you make it up to the top of the buildings. Tijara Fort Palace is like an oasis of greenery among the starkly contrasted brown desert surroundings.

The swimming pool is housed in its own complex and probably one of the largest I've seen in the Neemrana Group of hotels. It is also done in a beautiful shade of blue that mimics the feeling of an oasis in the desert.

blue swimming pool at tijara fort palace alwar rajasthan india
Swimming pool at Tijara Fort Palace
There are two restaurants here. The main restaurant for morning breakfast and dinner is located right in the middle next to the gardens. The food served is tasty and fresh. Like any typical Rajasthan Hotel, the Laal Maas (Rajasthani style mutton curry) is delicious. The restaurant for lunch was a bit further away, down a set of stairs but offers beautiful views of the area around the fort. It is unfortunately, quite a climb up and down, especially so with people travelling with elderly and small children.

Like the other Neemrana heritage hotel properties, you'll find that dinner menu doesn't allow for a la carte orders. If you're planning to make a trip to Neemrana properties, try and book your dinner with the stay included. You'll end up saving a bit when choosing a package that includes dinner. Otherwise, Tijara Fort Palace offers a package where you can just have soup and starters buffet only instead of taking the entire buffet option.

This heritage hotel offers free evening tea and cakes. Their chocolate cake is to die for. The view coupled with their beautifully manicured terraced garden is well worth the walk for tea. When staying at Neemrana properties in Rajasthan you'll need to note that they do not do room service. Possibly owing to the fact that their properties are huge, they don't have an option for room service.

The good thing about this heritage hotel is that the rooms are available at a pretty reasonable price point. We ended up paying less than $100 USD for our room plus dinner for one night. Which honestly, is quite a reasonable sum for what you're getting.

Tijara Fort Palace can be accessed by road easily if you're coming in from Delhi. It is approximately 120km from Delhi. It can also be easily added onto a Rajasthan holiday plan as the property is located off the Delhi - Jaipur highway.  

Like every other Neemrana Property in Rajasthan, you'll leave this place with a sense of wonderment and the need to return again.

Want to read more on the Neemrana Group of Hotels and their other  heritage properties, head over to my post on the Kesroli Hill Fort and Neemrana Fort Palace.

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