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April 14, 2019

Neemrana Fort Palace View in Rajasthan India

Staying at the Neemrana Fort Palace was such an experience. I've pondered over the best way to describe my one night stay here and I could think of nothing else except that it was an experience I'll never forget. Right from the moment you walk up the driveway through the huge entrance doors, to the day you leave this beautiful property, you'll have experienced nothing quite like this anywhere else.

Don't expect a television in your room, you won't need one anyway. We had spent the whole evening sitting in our balcony watching the monkeys play, parrots flying about and the general activity around the fort. The sunset would have been spectacular, but we unfortunately did not experience it, thanks to the hazy conditions of the day.

There's nothing much to do in the town of Neemrana itself, but a one or two night stay here at the Neemrana Fort Palace will have you exploring the many nooks and crannies of this property. Each turn is a new adventure. There's always something to photograph. A new perspective as the light changes. This place is a photographer's delight.

Things you can do while you stay at Neemrana Fort Palace

1. Zip lining.

If you're an adventure freak and want nothing more than to hike up to the top of a hill and zip line across, the property can arrange for this.

2. Camel Ride

The property arranged for camel rides if you want to experience this. Nothing says Rajasthan as much as a camel ride.

3. Take a ride in a vintage car

The property offers a vintage car ride as well. It offers a 5 kilometers ride for up to 4 people around the village.

4. Take an audio tour of the property

You'll find audio tour plaques located around the property. If you're into exploring the property, might as well get an audio tour to guide you through the place.

5. Spend the afternoon swimming in the 2 pools on the property

There are 2 beautiful pools on the property. One that is on the lower area, where you'll find people congregated and sun bathing. Another private, residence only pool is on the top half of the property, it is more private and shaded and doesn't have a kid pool attached.

7. Baori

Located near the property is an 18th century step well. The property arranges tours to the step well.

What it's like to stay here

The general service you experience is pretty average. There is no sense of being weighed on or people rushing to get stuff done. They even forgot to give us room slippers when we checked in. It isn't quite the 5 star service you envision. If you're service orientated, you may not like it here. But, if you look beyond the the price you pay, the lack of service, what you have is, a massive 15th century fort that you're living in. The issues with the imperfections, the issues with dust and the antique furniture, just fades away when you recognize that this is after all, a fort. The beauty lies in the imperfections, the adventure of being here and the majestic views. This place is ultimately, hauntingly beautiful.

If you're visiting the Neemrana Fort Palace from the months of October to February, they have a compulsory Gala Dinner Fee they charge for the weekend. This includes a cultural performance and a buffet dinner. I believe it is worth it, although a little pricey, we honestly enjoyed the Bharatanatyam performance in the open auditorium. There's something beautiful about watching a traditional dance being performed in a 15th century fort. The romance of walking in paths lit by candle light and dining in the outdoors as the whole fort is lit up, was pretty much worth the extra price.

Bharatnatyam dancer performing at Neemrana Fort Palace in Rajasthan India
Bharatnatyam dancer at Neemrana Fort Palace

Expectations on ground

Lack of service

As pointed out, don't expect 5 star service here. When we told friends we were coming here, the first thing people told us was to expect the service to be underwhelming. I find that I'd rather be underwhelmed than overwhelmed anyways so I went in without expecting anything but to be wowed by the beauty of the place. Honestly, the lack of service didn't bother me much.

Food service

The food was average and there just wasn't anything that stood out. We did try the cocktails and were sorely disappointed. I'd advice to stick to wine and beer should you be dining here. The morning breakfast is ample and the dining area was pretty beyond measure. It took me back to dining in hill resort cottages but on a larger scale. There is no room service at this Neemrana property.

Room maintenance

I honestly loved the room and appreciated that there was no television in the room. I instead spent the day outside in our private balcony. The furniture is more antique styled. The bed was very comfortable and the room pleasantly cool without the air-conditioning. The bathroom was a bit rustic but I loved it all. It just kept with the feel of the place. The only issue I had was that the bedroom slippers weren't in the room and we had to request for them. There was also a little bit of dust on the nightstands.

Neemrana Fort Palace Lotus Pond in Rajasthan India
Neemrana Fort Palace Lotus Pond

All in all, there are a few small issues here and there, but nothing that would put a damper on my stay here at the Neemrana Fort Palace.

In conclusion, I'd have to say, if you weigh the pros and cons, I'd still recommend the experience of a stay at the Neemrana Fort Palace. Forget the lack of service, the facilities in the room, the inexperience of the staff and everything else. Come for the experience, you won't regret it.

Want to read more on the Neemrana Group of Hotels and their other properties,head over to my post on the Kesroli Hill Fort and Tijara Fort Palace.

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