Shopping in Dilli Haat

April 14, 2019

Entrance of Dilli Haat Market in New Delhi India

New Delhi is a vast city with numerous things to do while you're in the city for a visit. Among the various tourist places to head to in New Delhi, a shopping trip to Dilli Haat should not be missed. Dilli Haat is located across INA market with its own designated metro station.

Dilli Haat is basically a huge street market that is organised well and has a lot to offer. The prices are pretty reasonable compared to other tourist markets in Delhi. If you can bargain well, it can prove to be a great shopping haunt.

The thing I love most about this place is that it gives you a feel about India as a whole. You’ll find food and handicraft items from every state here. It instantly transports me to various states in India without travelling to every separate state. You’ll find everything here like artwork, shawls, clothes, lights, cushion covers, souvenirs, henna designing, wooden items, antique furniture and so much more. The shopping here is vast and varied. It gives you an opportunity to pick up something from a state in India that you may not even visit.

People shopping at a shop in the Dilli Haat Market in New Delhi India
Shopping at Dilli Haat
The best part of Dilli Haat is, you’ll never find the same shops over time. The shops set up for a few weeks or months as they book spaces and then move out and new shops turn up. While it does seem like some shops stay here forever, I’ve seen a few that have been around for months, you’ll get some variety over time. If you head over during festival times like Holi or Diwali, you will find the place decorated accordingly, therefore giving you a festive feel as you shop.

People shopping and handicraft items for sale at Dilli Haat market in New Delhi India
Handicraft items on display at Dilli Haat Market
As you're planning out your shopping trip while in New Delhi, my advice would be to head here first and then head out to other markets later on. I’ve found that you get items cheaper here as compared to places like Janpath and Connaught Place. You’ll also get variety unlike the other markets.

People at Ticket Counter of Dilli Haat market in Old Delhi India
Dilli Haat Ticket Counters
To enter the compound, you’ll need to pay a nominal fee for entry at the ticket booths located at the entrance. While you’ll get food here, I’d honestly avoid it. The food isn’t that great to begin with and it is never consistent. I’d have great noodles one day and another day get served oily noodles. I’ve also had food poisoning twice when I’ve eaten here. So if you’re a local Indian tourist and you have a great stomach, go ahead and try the food. Foreigners beware, you might get the Delhi Belly while you’re here.

Bargaining at Dilli Haat if you’re a tourist is pretty simple. If you’re quoted a price, half it straightaway. I’ve found that locals get away with half price off. Unfortunately, if you’re a western tourist, they might not reduce it as much. As a general guide, if you get one-third off the price you were quoted, that would be a good deal.

Don’t miss a visit to the Tribes of India shop while you're here. It is located closer to the front entrance in a small area on the side. Ask the shopkeepers in the area, they’ll help direct you. In the Tribes of India shop, you’ll find items made by the local tribes in India. Items such as pure turmeric, honey, green tea from Assam and so much more. By purchasing here, you’re also helping the tribes.

So, while in Delhi, Dilli Haat is a place that you should plan into your itinerary. Come armed with your best bargaining tactics and plan to walk out with a bag full of souvenirs and handicraft.

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