The One Day Camera Shopping Trip in Singapore

October 06, 2018

Singapore has a vast variety of camera stores on the island. From departmental stores to specialized gear, you'll get them all in Singapore.

But what if you only had one day to do your camera shopping? Where would you go in Singapore within 24 hours to get your camera and equipment shopping done?

I've been travelling to Singapore very often and as a photographer, I find that its much cheaper to get my shopping done in Singapore when I'm in town. You'll also get valuable advice from some shopkeepers who have been around for a long time. About eighty percent of my photography equipment has been bought and sold while I'm in Singapore.

I'm usually on a 2 day or 3 day stopover in Singapore. On these short trips, I'm constrained to a one day camera shopping trip. As such, I find that heading directly to Peninsula Plaza in the City Hall area is my one stop destination for anything. While here, the main places to go to are Cathay Photo, Alex Photo, Black Market Camera and BenPhoto.

Northbridge Road at Peninsula Plaza in Singapore
Peninsula Plaza Singapore

Alex Photo

I've been going to Alex Photo for quite some time. I've also bought and sold photography equipment here. Alex, I find is trustworthy and I've always gotten a good deal and good equipment from him. He stocks brand new camera equipment as well as second hand equipment. It's also come to a point on one trip that I forgot to bring a charger when I sold him my camera and he trusted me to ship it when I headed back. Possibly because I've been going to him for a long time, but its still nice to have relationships like this. I've purchased quite a few second hand camera bodies and lenses with Alex and have never had any issues.

Cathay photo and Alex photo camera equipment shops in Peninsula Plaza in Singapore
Shops at Peninsula Plaza in Singapore

Cathay Photo

Cathay Photo is a much bigger retail space and they stock almost anything photography. They are pricier but they have a pretty good team of people who are well versed with anything photography. If you have a bigger budget and don't want to waste your time shopping or hunting around Singapore for different stuff or price points, I'd advice to just head here and buy your camera equipment here. Cathay Photo has been around for a long time. This was the first place I came to as a student and when I initially started out in photography. I bought my first Nikon SLR camera here. The shop has changed drastically over the years. From a simple camera store to a huge one with pretty displays and a very upmarket feel to it.

Ben Photo

BenPhoto is located across Peninsula Plaza at Peninsula Shopping Center on Coleman Street. I always recommend people to come here because if you're lucky, you'll get a good deal on second hand items. The shop owner is knowledgeable and very patient with queries. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. I've randomly dropped by and found good deals and made random purchases on lenses and other equipment.

Black Market Camera

Black Market Camera is definitely worth a drop in. They stock almost everything. You'd get new equipment, second hand stuff as well as certain hard to find items. Website: Black Market Camera

Mustafa Centre

Another alternative for photography equipment is Mustafa Center in Little India. They do carry quite a range of equipment and accessories. They are also conveniently open 24 hours. Mustafa Centre is a great place to have a browse through if you have some spare time. Just don't expect their staff to be knowledgeable. If you're lucky, you'll get a great salesman. Most of the time though, you're left on your own to make up your mind.

vehicles and people outside Mustafa Shopping Centre in Singapore
Mustafa Centre in Singapore

While there are a variety of other places in Singapore to get your photography equipment, I've never made purchases there. I've done a lot of window shopping but I've generally stuck to certain places where I feel most comfortable. Shopping Centers like Sim Lim Square have a number of shops that you can have a look at. Likewise, Lucky Plaza and Far East Plaza on Orchard Road is another place that people sometimes head to for electronics and photography equipment. I have personally never bought anything here as I feel like for the same price I'll be paying, the shops at Peninsula Plaza are better worth my time.

All in all, Singapore is a great destination to shop for photography equipment. If you're on a tight schedule, Peninsula Plaza and Peninsula Shopping Center are your go to places for a one day camera shopping trip. You'll get competitive prices, a GST rebate as a tourist and the second hand equipment here is pretty decent. For me, Singapore has always been a great place for me to pick up my photography equipment especially so if I'm looking out for second hand deals. The knowledgeable shop owners are an added bonus too.

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