WOW Shampoo Review

July 13, 2018

WOW natural strengthening hair shampoo

WOW Shampoo kind of took me by surprise. I honestly did not expect to like it as much as I did. The thing is, in my quest to go as natural as possible, I've encountered the worst of products imaginable as well as products that claim to be organic but aren't. I wasn't expecting WOW shampoo to impress me as much as it did. I had got used to companies claiming that they are natural but don't put down their full list of ingredients and just the key ingredients. You purchase these happily, thinking that you've finally found the item you've been googling about for hours, only to find that these products magically foam like a bottle of head and shoulders. Yeah.. its the attack of the ninja ingredients once again, hiding their ingredients to hog the natural claims. I've had issues with Khadi products. They aren't as natural as you think they are.

Anyways, moving forward, I came across the WOW shampoos and conditioner range and decided to try a few. I've been using them for a couple of months before writing this review. 

What they Claim:

The use ECOCERT, organic and natural ingredients. They are paraben and sulphate free.

What does it smell like:

They have a mild pleasing fragrance. These aren't synthetic blow your senses away with aromatherapy smells. They kind of make me smell like I'm clean but not in an overpowering way.

Where to buy WOW Shampoo:

Hair Strengthening Shampoo  Apple Cider Shampoo  Coconut Milk Conditioner

What they do:

After approximately 3 months of use, I've realised that my hair on most days requires no conditioner. The hair doesn't feel heavy or oily. Due to the no sulphates added, these shampoos require a few applications. It takes me about roughly three pumps to get my shoulder length hair clean. The upside is, you get soft silkier hair with a pretty good amount of body. I have fine hair and I've never had a limp hair day since I've started using WOW shampoo. 

The conditioner is amazing for frizzy hair. I literally leave it in for twenty seconds and wash it off and I have smooth, soft hair. I do have fine hair though so I require less conditioning. But the conditioner is certainly one of the best I've come across.

I've also realised that hair fall has reduced after using WOW shampoo. It took about 2 months to take effect but my hair does feel healthier and stronger.

These shampoos aren't great at stripping off applied oil in the hair. I'd recommend that you use these on days you don't oil your hair. Otherwise, you'd be using quite a bit of shampoo to strip off the oil and it still isn't going to be effective.

A great natural shampoo for stripping off oiled hair can be purchased here: Aroma Magic Charcoal Shampoo. Its the one shampoo I always have in my bathroom, its just so great at squeaky cleaning the hair. The best part, it is natural - no sulphates, no parabens and no petrochemical byproducts. 

WOW Apple Cider Shampoo

WOW natural organic apple cider hair shampoo coconut conditioner

If you have fine hair like me, this will be your new best friend. They clean your hair without weighing it down. It does take me about three pumps of shampoo to clean my shoulder length hair but it gets the job done. You might want to leave the shampoo in a while if your hair is oilier. 

WOW Hair Strengthening Shampoo

When reading reviews on this shampoo, I didn't come across many positive reviews. I kind of wanted to try it out anyway and went ahead. The result of testing this shampoo for 3 months, I feel like it isn't as bad as people have portrayed it to be. It just took a while to realise how to use it to have it work well.

For usage with fine hair, I've realised that you don't require a conditioner after using this shampoo. It also, unfortunately, requires more shampoo to clean the hair properly. I use on average at least 5 pumps in 2 separate washes to get the hair squeaky clean. On the plus side, this shampoo never left my hair feeling dry. It also gave my hair more volume and bounce, possibly due to the non usage of a conditioner. I'd say though, for people with fine hair, this shampoo does a pretty decent job. It just took a while to really like it. Initially I just didn't like it either. 

Would I repurchase these?

Yes! I've never been quite as happy with an organic natural shampoo like I have with these. The WOW shampoo is now a permanent item I have in my bathroom. I honestly can't remember what life was like without these.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this shampoo review! I've been looking for one for my fine hairs as well, so this came in really handy!

    1. Hi, glad you liked the review. This shampoo is great for fine hair.. hope it's as great a fit for you as it was for me.

  2. Oh this is super interesting. I feel like I would need to have conditioner, but I would still give the product a try! Thanks sharing!

    Kasey Ma

  3. Thank you for reviewing this shampoo and sharing your experience. I need to try this shampoo.