Wildwash Shampoo Review

July 14, 2018

Wildwash Shampoo is possibly one of the best natural, organic shampoo you can use to pamper your pooch. If you have German Shepherds that love rolling in the grass and mud like ours do, you'll find that after a bath, you'd get to at least enjoy smelling your dogs while the aromatherapy scent lasts. In my case, I'd have one day of lingering aromatherapy scents as the dogs walk by, before they are back to rolling around the garden. 

I started using Wildwash Shampoo as I felt that there was a need to go organic for the pets. Its been something I've been trying to do. Living in India, proved harder when it came to looking for organic alternatives. There aren't any local pet companies doing organic products. Foreign brands are also hard to come by.

In the latest searches and thanks to Amazon India, I came across Wildwash Shampoo for pets. I've tried this in the past in Singapore and loved it. So I was excited to try it out on our German shepherds here.

Wildwash natural aromatherapy shampoo pets dogs

What Wildwash Claims:

Wildwash claims to be 100% natural with No parabens, No sulphates,  No phthlates, No phosphates, No petrochemicals and No PEGs. The claim to use 100% essential oils. They also claim to use a revolutionary blend of neem oil, sea kelp and aloe vera in their shampoos to nourish the skin and coat. They also don't test on animals - yay!!!!

How it smells:

Phenomenal. If you have always envisioned your dog walking by you with a lingering aromatherapy scent like it came back from a spa. Then this is the shampoo for your dog!

Buy Wildwash Shampoo here:

Wildwash Shampoo on Amazon: Wildwash Conditioning Shampoo
Wildwash Mixing Bottle 1L: Mixing Bottle

The Shampoo comes as a concentrate and will require to be diluted before application. I decided to purchase the mixing bottle as well as it just made the job easier. They have a printed line on the bottle to indicate how much shampoo should be placed in the bottle. The mixing bottle is made from pretty good quality plastic and is decently thick. I accidentally dropped a full bottle twice and there's been no damage or leakage so I'm quite impressed by that. A tip I'd like to add, tape the printed parts of the mixing bottle up with good quality transparent tape. I did a thick band around the bottle. This will ensure the printed lines don't fade after a couple of washes.

One thing to note with the natural shampoo is that you don't get as much foam as you'd like as compared to using normal shampoo. The only way to get a thorough cleaning is to do to multiple washes and to leave the shampoo on for a while, approximately 5 mins, before washing it off.

While I love the Wildwash shampoo, I feel like you'll end up wasting quite a lot of product on a bigger or dirtier dog. With smaller or medium sized dogs, it worked very well. The German Shepherds, with their double coat, proved a little more difficult. Costlier too if you count the number of washes you'd have to do to get them cleaned. 

We did not want to give up on not using the Wildwash shampoo though as it really did help the dogs with their skin and coat. Our dog, Mischka's dandruff situation got much better after using Wildwash. He had developed a mite problem and displayed mange like symptoms and this shampoo did a phenomenal job in helping his skin. So, if you have a dog with sensitive skin or skin related issues, I'd highly recommend using this shampoo for your dog. This shampoo also helped with dandruff and flaky skin. We found that over time, the skin got better after using this shampoo on the dogs.

What we did instead was, we have decided to use Virbac Sebolytic shampoo for the first wash, to get deep down and clean the coat well, and on the second or third wash (depending on the dirt level) we used the the wild wash shampoo because it left the dog's coat soft and silky.

The shampoo I couple with Wildwash Shampoo can be bought here: Virbac Sebolytic Shampoo

Would I recommend this shampoo even with the hefty price tag that it comes with? Yes I would. Our bottle of Wildwash Shampoo lasted us a year with regular monthly baths for two big dogs.

It does last a long time as it comes concentrated. It can be used as a second wash after using a normal shampoo so you don't need to use it twice or thrice to remove dirt on big dogs. It's just way more economical this way. If you have a small dog, this shampoo will work great and keep your pet's skin and coat healthy.

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