Aroha Natural Deodorant Review

June 10, 2018

Aroha Natural Deodorant

This Aroha natural deodorant review has been so far on the back burner, its embarrassing. It's taken me almost a year to review this. On one hand, I wanted to start writing within the first week of receiving the deodorant because I loved it so much. But on the other hand, I felt like I needed to test drive this. And I'm glad I took my time.

The Aroha natural deodorant hits the right notes by combining natural goodness and effectiveness. I've used natural deodorants in the past, and most of them have failed to be effective. These Aroha natural deodorants though, even lasted me through an hour long yoga session and they held up.

I've spent a long time trying to "unchemicalise" my life. I started with the body washes and then onto shampoos - WOW Shampoo and Conditioner. Moving on to moisturisers and even the dogs were not spared. We have finally found a natural shampoo for them too - Wildwash Shampoo Review. Such a relief! 

Deodorants were the one thing I just could not seem to replace. Don't get me wrong, I've tried making my own. Attempted the cornflour and aromatherapy option, the white clay and aromatherapy option and so many more in the past. Nothing worked.

When the hubby decided that he was done with antiperspirants because they were causing allergic reactions to his skin, I made one last attempt and came across these Aroha Natural Deodorants. I had no intent to live with a smelly man. So Aroha to the rescue!

When I bought the Aroha natural deodorant a year ago, they only had 3 types: citrus, floral and woody essences and they only came in a cardboard case. I have to mention, while I do love the recycled and going green feel to it, it made life a little difficult. Trying to push the stick up too hard would cause you to dent the case. The top cardboard piece would keep falling inwards and we'd have to push it back into place daily. Every time the top cover was closed, it would cause the stick to push excess outwards and bleed onto the outer side of the case. It was difficult dealing with the whole thing. But I think we put up with it all; the messiness and everything else because lets face it, the world has enough plastic. Travelling with the deodorant was interesting, but it has honestly lasted a few trips and the case has not fallen apart. Which is pretty amazing. You'd think a cardboard case wouldn't last a couple of trips. But this made it out without a dent. 

We have tested the Aroha natural deodorant for almost a year. Each deodorant lasted us a few months. The biggest issue we had was during the winter months. It was almost impossible to use it as it seemed to harden up. I had days where I'd have to put the deodorant in front of the heater to soften it a little so it would go on the skin. Otherwise, you'd be trying hard to press the stick and slide it onto your skin. I realised though, that when I kept the deodorant in the bathroom during winters, it naturally softened a bit after my bath. I wouldn't attempt the same during summers though.

What Aroha natural deodorant claims:

They claim to be natural, contain No aluminium, No parabens,  No alcohol and No harmful chemicals. They are made with mango butter and blends of essential oils. Their packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and zero plastic. So... yay!! eco-friendly!

Where can you buy Aroha natural deodorant:

Aroha deodorant for men: Aroha Woodsy
Aroha deodorant for women: Aroha Floral Aroha Citrus
Aroha 3 pack pocket deodorants: Aroha Mini Pack

Aroha has also expanded their range into body butters, lip balms, hair treatment oil as well as mini pocket deodorants. The pocket deodorants look like they are in plastic packaging though but look to be a good alternative for when you travel. They come in a set of a 3 pack. It might be a good option to try out the mini ones to see how you like the product. going natural worth it?

Ultimately, am I glad I found this? Yes I am. Will I suffer through the messiness of the casing and continue using it? Definitely. It does a good job as a deodorant. It's a natural alternative to the other deodorants out there. It works. And for that, I'm glad Aroha is making these amazing sticks of wholesomeness..

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  1. Great write-up Kelly... exactly what I was looking for please send me the aroha link...can it be bought online....

    1. Hi Santosh, glad you liked the write-up. Aroha deodorants can be purchased at their website Alternatively, if you are in India, they are available on Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa too.